Our company is based on human qualities and strategic impulses, through:

  • The determination and the joint efforts of two professionals willing to venture into the difficult path of a Young Innovative Company creation, in the field of Autoimmune Diseases. Each of them have strong motivations and skills: Véronique Pomi, accustomed to techniques of business development and human resources and François Rieger, a researcher specialist of molecular mechanisms in Chronic Diseases with genetic or environmental causes.
  • A business strategy based on the initial exclusive license to use a new CNRS patent family, important for a new treatment of autoimmune diseases and the development of human clinical trials.
  • An approach with clear objectives and a strong motivation , justified by the opportunities that Medsenic wants to bring to patients currently without efficient medical treatment. Medsenic wants to be quick to react and reach its objectives with success.


Mr. Xavier Guille des Buttes, Ouest Angels investor spend his entire career in the pharmaceutical industry. For more than thirty years, he has held senior management positions in the French subsidiary of the German group Schering AG.

Today, after leaving his responsibilities, he aims to support young companies like Medsenic in healthcare.


Scientific Advisory Board

Medsenic asked remarkable scientist known worldwide for their outstanding scientific expertise to be part of the Scientific Advisory Board. Collaborating with managers, they evaluate the quality of projects, advise the executive and refine and validate the scientific strategy. The Scientific Advisory Board is the necessary support Medsenic needs to enhance the sustainability of its projects and open new paths of development.



The scope of Medsenic treatment : a first-in-class immunoregulatory therapy for autoimmune diseases.

Chronic inflammatory diseases have considerable medical needs and mainly symptomatic treatments.They affect more than 6% of the general population. Their causes may be external or internal, but are poorly known.